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  • Leveraging Your Research with Global Networks

    Conservation dollars are always limited, but the passion you have for the species you work with is certainly not. From terrapins to rodents, ungulates and birds, the CTT Internet of Wildlife (IoW) leverages a global network of researchers to help bring attention to your focused conservation work. In doing so, your study site becomes a member of groundbreaking research far beyond your boundaries, while answering the important questions of your study species. Doing so opens the door to new funding sources, more engaged donors, and unique outreach opportunities. Here are a few ways we can help you be successful.
  • Paying it Forward: Summer Camp is for the Bird(er)s

    CTT's staff, including President and CEO, Mike Lanzone, regularly participate in various young birder summer programs. Not only is it something they all enjoy, but it's part of the DNA of the company that's constantly pushing the envelope of what's possible in wildlife research. Maybe it makes sense, then, that they look forward to spending time with the next generation of nature enthusiasts. Read on to find out more about their exciting times!
  • Terrapins Unlocking the Mysteries of the Marsh

    The Wetlands Institute, using the newest CTT technology, is helping to better understand the needs of these amazing creatures.
  • A Long-Term Research Project Gets a Telemetry Upgrade

    For the first time, after 50 years of monitoring this population of Florida Scrub-Jays, we are finally able to monitor an intriguing life stage of nonbreeding jays at an unprecedented scale.