The First Prototypes are Here


Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy with our first prototypes.

While all the design files looked great, the real test comes when you turn on a piece of hardware for the first time. With over 300 individual components on the circuit board, and thousands of traces, it only takes one little thing out of place to render the device non-functional. Dozens of tests and diagnostics need to be performed in order to verify the design.

Luckily, everything worked as expected. The Raspberry Pi is fully functional, the GPS gets a position, the GSM modem is able to connect to the network, all of our USB ports are functional, the Real Time Clock can keep track of time, as well as the user interface and optional display (not pictured).

The 5 built in radio channels for LifeTags, each powered by a user re-programmable Arduino core and connected to USB, all accept programming.

Work now is taking place to tweak the SensorGnome software to identify our built in USB hub for FunCubes or RTL-SDR devices. We are also porting additional software that reports system health, automatically uploads tag data from both LifeTag and FunCube receivers, and designing the user interface.

I will be posting more updates demonstrating our SensorStation in action shortly!



Above: output from UBlox CAM-M8Q GPS with built in antenna