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LifeTag Motus Adapter

LifeTag Motus Adapter

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The LifeTag Motus Adapter is a USB peripheral that can be used on existing Motus base stations. Multiple adapters can be used per base station, and is a quick way to enable LifeTag and PowerTag capability. Its narrow connector size fits between FunCubes on a USB hub. It can also be used to add more channels to a SensorStation.

The LifeTag Motus Adapter appears as a serial USB device and works with existing SensorGnome software. You can also use it with any laptop or computer to receive LifeTags.

LifeTag Receiver

  • Compatible with LifeTag and PowerTag
  • Over 4 billion unique IDs
  • Highly sensitive receiver
  • 100% digital system
  • Provides ID and signal strength
  • Very low power consumption (<40mA @ 5V)

Housing and Hardware

  • Strong, ABS plastic case
  • SMA connector
  • Tag detection indicator light for troubleshooting
  • Micro-USB connection (requires an MicroUSB -> USB cable not included)


V2 Adapters (current)


V1 Adapters (retired)