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Pre-Paid Data Service (Multiple Tiers)

Pre-Paid Data Service (Multiple Tiers)

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You can purchase data in advance with our pre-paid data plans. Pre-Paid data will be applied as a credit to your data account. It can be used with multiple SensorStations.

 Data Plan Type Monthly Service Fee Price Per Megabyte
Automatic Upload Plan $5 + $0.20/Megabyte, World Wide



Baseline cellular data with an active unit, is $60/year. Two SensorStations would consume $120/year.

One SensorStation, with light data loads have a cost of about $5-$10 a month. Larger node deployments or use of additional technologies can cost more due to increased data volume (around $25+/month). 

Note: While these estimates are generally what is experienced with most of our customers, you are responsible for all the data that is transmitted and received. If you wish to place a monthly data cap on your SensorStation, please contact our sales team for configuration of this cost management option.