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The PowerTag is our battery variant of the LifeTag, allowing the same functionality, but with the ability to transmit day or night. The PowerTag is ideal for nocturnal species or animals that swim or burrow.

Each PowerTag contains a globally unique digital ID, allowing researchers to discern between almost unlimited animals and differentiate between different projects and studies. 

Unlike other radio tag technologies, our digital IDs cannot be confused with noise bursts and other false positives.

Some example species for PowerTags include bats, terrapins, box turtles, rodents, kangaroo rats, kiwis, night rails, and song birds. 

PowerTags have even been used to track underground burrowing animals.



  • Over 4 billion unique digital IDs
  • Each PowerTag has globally unique ID
  • Configurable transmit times from 2 seconds to 15 seconds
  • FSK modulation
  • One global frequency
  • Battery life of 6 months to multiple years
  • Weights start at less than 1 gram
  • The only fully FCC certified wildlife radio tag on the market


  • Leg loop harness
  • Collar
  • Glue on
  • Many more

Data Collection Networks

  • Compatible with the Motus network and SensorStation
  • Compatible with CTT’s Internet of Wildlife solutions
  • Can be received by Evolution Series 400 and 500 units (> 35g) with AirStation LifeTag receiver option
  • Data viewable directly in CTT Data Portal using our Base Station product line

Ordering Options:

Our online inventory includes selectable options. Specify tag weight, species and attachment in order notes.

Custom Options:

LifeTag comes in dozens of different attachment types and customized for a variety of species. For any option not available in our online store, contact us at sales@celltracktech.com or through our website.