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CTT offers a variety of resources to help answer your technical questions. We recommend beginning with our available documentation and following up with our Slack community or CSD if its something more specific!

CTT User Guide Library


Customer Service Desk

Have a detailed support request? Visit our CSD page to initiate a technical inquiry

CTT on Slack

Join our Slack channel! Collaborate with a community of fellow researchers in an open exchange of ideas, best practices, and product support topics.

CTT on GitHub

Have you visited our repo?! The most current user guides and documentation lives there.


CTT on YouTube

Visit our channel to view our library of “how-to” videos for different wildlife attachment techniques

Motus Resources

Motus support Google groups and online resources are available at https://motus.org/resources/

CTT on Social Media

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Customer support email address: support@celltracktech.com