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Cell Locate (Beta) Cellular-only Transmitter

Cell Locate (Beta) Cellular-only Transmitter

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Weighing as little as 3.5g, this tiny little workhorse uses the locations of cell towers to triangulate the location of your tagged animal. With no GPS to hog the power, this transmitter can run for over a year without even a drop of sunlight; but by harnessing the sun's energy through its super-efficient solar panel...why stop at one year?

Key features:

  • Ultra-light, starting at 3.5g including case and antenna! (the lightest cell-enabled unit on the market!)
  • Over-the-air updates
  • No data plan required - all data is included in the price!
  • Data receipt and over-the-air updates controlled by custom smartphone app


  • Only works within cellular range (LTE)
  • Does not store locations; locations are calculated following a connection

Note that this unit is currently in BETA and the customer acknowledges that not all features may be functional at time of delivery.