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CTT Locator™
CTT Locator™
CTT Locator™
CTT Locator™

CTT Locator™

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Cellular Tracking Technologies has revolutionized telemetry fieldwork. Gone are the days of static, headphones, and faint beeps. Introducing the new CTT Locator.

The CTT Locator takes the mystery and guessing out of signals in the distance, by showing the digital ID of nearby tags right on your smart phone!

As signals are received from LifeTag and PowerTags, the 32 bit unique ID will appear. Signal strength is shown in decibels, allowing for very precise and fast localization.

You will also have a full record of your work in the field, as each time a signal is received, it is logged, time stamped, and referenced with the GPS position you were at. Data can be exported for later review.

The CTT Locator attaches to a directional Yagi antenna. The Yagi antenna is lightweight, small and features a soft foam grip handle. 

Each tag ID is selectable, allowing to focus on one tag to localize. A large signal strength meter along with a virtual attenuator, can help you walk directly to your animal.

The CTT Locator can also be used to identify and verify tags during deployment. 

The CTT Locator comes with everything you need to get started fast:

  • Portable Yagi antenna, easily disassembled
  • CTT Locator hardware with high capacity battery
  • Coaxial antenna connector
  • USB charger cable
  • Detailed instruction manual


LifeTag Receiver

  • Compatible with LifeTag and PowerTag
  • 4 billion unique IDs
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • 100% digital system


  • High gain, Yagi antenna
  • Highly directional
  • Excellent front to back ratio
  • Foam handle
  • Light weight, durable aluminum construction
  • Can be collapsed to half length, elements easily removed for transport


  • Smart phone holder -- attach phone directly to the locator
  • High capacity battery designed for multiple, long days of field work
  • WiFi hotspot, with Bluetooth Low Energy coming soon
  • Accelerometer and magnetometer to log locator antenna azimuth and direction
  • GPS logging via phone GPS receiver
  • Micro USB charger port
  • Status and tag detection LEDs
  • Universal web application for any smart phone, tablet or laptop
  • Download data directly to your phone for export
  • List, localize and identify modes
  • Optional HDMI output for fixed installations and community outreach