CTT Node™ Version 1 (Retired)
CTT Node™ Version 1 (Retired)

CTT Node™ Version 1 (Retired)

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This product is retired. Check out CTT Node version 2 here. This page is for reference only.

The CTT Node is an innovation that allows you to automatically localize LifeTag and PowerTags with a high degree of accuracy. For example, nodes can be placed at multiple nesting sites to detect presence or absence.

If deployed in a grid fashion, the nodes can operate as “reverse GPS”, providing near GPS accuracy.

The node uploads received tag detection data to base stations, including the SensorStation, creating a dense, high resolution tracking network. A large, high efficiency solar panel is coupled with an MPPT charge controller, allowing the node to keep its batteries topped off in many different lighting conditions. A high capacity battery also allows the node to be operated for a week without any sunlight.

In addition to reporting detected nearby tags with a precise timestamp, nodes also provide health information. This includes battery voltage and temperature.

Each CTT Node has a detectable range of about 250-300 meters, and is able to relay data to a CTT Base Station as far away as several kilometers. Each solution can be engineered to your needs, or you are welcome to create your own.


LifeTag Receiver Circuit

  • Compatible with LifeTag and PowerTag
  • Over 4 billion unique IDs
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • 100% digital system


  • High power solar panel on top
  • External antenna
  • Waterproof, weatherproof enclosure
  • Mounting strap for T post or conduit

Node Processor

  • Records tag ID, precise time stamp and signal strength
  • Efficiently buffers data before retransmitting
  • Transmits temperature, battery and other statistics periodically
  • CRC and two way verification
  • Communicates with base stations, including SensorStation

Optional Features

  • Attenuator for nest box detection

Power Options

  • Solar recharging with MPPT
  • AC power