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CTT Node™ Version 2.0 with GPS
CTT Node™ Version 2.0 with GPS

CTT Node™ Version 2.0 with GPS

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Version 1.0 of the CTT Node revolutionized the way we study wildlife movement using radio.

Now Version 2.0 brings added positional accuracy to every node, onboard storage, and the ability to receive software updates, further future-proofing your wildlife tracking setup.

Whats New In Version 2

  • Built in GPS for node positioning and timing
  • SD card for storing long term tag data on node
  • Waterproof USB charger port for charging the node, updating firmware and downloading onboard data from SD card 
  • Built in real time clock
  • Dual radio design
  • Improved solar charging
  • 3 buttons with indicators
  • On board flash storage
  • Expansion port for future options
  • Compatible with ES200
  • Can work independently without a SensorStation


The CTT Node is an innovation that allows you to automatically localize LifeTag and PowerTags with a high degree of accuracy. For example, nodes can be placed at multiple nesting sites to detect presence or absence.

If deployed in a grid fashion, the nodes can operate as “reverse GPS”, providing near GPS accuracy.

The node uploads received tag detection data to base stations, including the SensorStation, creating a dense, high resolution tracking network. A large, high efficiency solar panel is coupled with an MPPT charge controller, allowing the node to keep its batteries topped off in many different lighting conditions. A high capacity battery also allows the node to be operated for a week without any sunlight.

In addition to reporting detected nearby tags with a precise timestamp, nodes also provide health information. This includes battery voltage and temperature.

Each CTT Node is able to relay data to a CTT Base Station as far away as several kilometers. Each solution can be engineered to your needs, or you are welcome to create your own.


LifeTag Receiver Circuit

  • Compatible with LifeTag and PowerTag
  • Over 4 billion unique IDs
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • 100% digital system


  • High power solar panel on top
  • External antenna
  • Waterproof, weatherproof enclosure
  • Mounting strap for T post or conduit
  • Can be sold without housing for custom solutions

Node Processor

  • Records tag ID, time stamp, signal strength and telemetry data (when applicable, e.g. from the ES-200)
  • Buffers data before retransmitting or optionally save data to SD Card
  • Transmits location, temperature, battery and other statistics periodically
  • Communicates with SensorStation and portable node interface

Power Options

  • Solar recharging with MPPT
  • AC power (via waterproof USB port)