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As Shown: 16.6g "Grouse" ES-150 with custom camouflage paint and "quick connect" case.


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Transmits precise GPS and ActivityIndex™ over Argos satellite. Stores additional GPS, accelerometer, and sensor data for local download. Solar and non-rechargeable options available.


  • GNSS receiver for GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and all SBAS systems
  • Provides time, position, altitude, position quality (HDOP, VDOP), and more


  • Triple axis accelerometer
  • Activity Index
  • Mortality detection
  • Temperature sensor
  • Battery voltage
  • Solar energy

    Very Low Cost

    • Prices start at $1800 USD

    Argos Satellite

    • Transmit summary data over Argos
    • Send location, Activity Index, alerts, and transmitter health
    • Operates on all 6 Argos satellites
    • Data viewable directly in CTT Data Portal

    Optional Features

    • LifeTag Motus transceiver

    Power Options

    • Solar recharging
    • Battery only


    • Backpack
    • Patagial Mount
    • Waterfowl Collar
    • Leg Mount
    • Mammal Collar
    • Mammal Ear Tag