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Red Knot with LifeTag mounted in 3D printed form for harnessing
LifeTag Patagial tags with internal antennas (6g as shown)


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Get multiple migrations, year after year, without worry of battery life. All starting at 0.45g!

The LifeTag was developed specifically to address the needs of small animal researchers. The simplicity of the system is the basis for the reliability and ease of deployment.The sub-gram weight and battery-free design of our new LifeTag allows you to tag smaller animals, and not compromise the duration of the project. With different attachment options and an affordable price, the LifeTag delivers the data you need over the life of your animal!

Each LifeTag contains a globally unique digital ID, allowing researchers to discern between almost unlimited animals and differentiate between different projects and studies. 

Unlike other radio tag technologies, our digital IDs cannot be confused with noise bursts and other false positives.

LifeTags can be received by our SensorStation, CTT Node and CTT Locator, and are fully compatible with the global Motus network.


LifeTag transmits the same range, or better, as traditional VHF radio tags.


  • Over 4 billion unique digital IDs
  • Each LifeTag has globally unique ID
  • Transmits every 2 seconds
  • FSK modulation
  • One global frequency
  • Solar panel optimized for low light and shaded conditions
  • No battery
  • As low as 0.45g


  • Rappel harness
  • Leg loop
  • Collar
  • Glue on
  • Many others

Data Collection Networks

  • Compatible with the Motus network and SensorStation
  • Compatible with CTT’s Internet of Wildlife solutions
  • Can be received by Evolution Series 400 and 500 eagle and vulture tracker units with LifeTag receiver option
  • Data viewable directly in CTT Data Portal

Ordering Options:

Several options are available for selection in our online store. These include Protective Coating, Antenna, and Attachment. Please specify tag weight, species and attachment in order notes as well. 

Protective Coating

  • Conformal Coating: All tags are coated in Conformal Coating to reduce impact from the elements. This coating is not a significant waterproofing and should only be chosen if you are attaching tags for a short period of study, if you are adding your own coating, or if you must have the lightest possible tag we offer. Otherwise choose one of the three levels of epoxy coating.


  • Light, Medium and Heavy Epoxy Coating: We use best in class epoxy resins for sealing your tags against the elements. Epoxy weight should be selected based on tagging environment, desired tag longevity, and known behavior of the species being tagged. For instance, tags destined for salt water or high saline environments should go with a medium to heavy coating, while those for terrestrial songbirds can opt for a light epoxy.


  • Nitinol vs. Stainless Steel: As a rule of thumb, transmission is increased as you move from a lighter gauge to heavier gauge antenna, but also so does weight. Nitinol has properties that can be favorable for small songbird and bat tags in that it is a single strand of metal vs. a bundle of braided strands of Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel on the other hand has good flex properties and the nylon coating can be advantageous in some scenarios (such as wet grass environments). One of the downsides to Stainless Steel is if an animal is able to pick away at the nylon coating this can expose and unravel the steel strands, potentially creating a tangling hazard. Choosing the correct antenna is a critical step in choosing your tag. As a rule of thumb, we typically recommend Nitinol for smaller tags (1.5g and below) as well as in cases where habitats or species are particularly rough on antennas.

Custom Options:

LifeTag comes in dozens of different attachment types and customized for a variety of species. For any option not available in our online store, contact us at sales@celltracktech.com or through our website.