SensorStation Pre-Order for SensorGnome
SensorStation Pre-Order for SensorGnome
SensorStation Pre-Order for SensorGnome

SensorStation Pre-Order for SensorGnome

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Select a capacity above: 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of built in system storage. Also, select if the order is tax exempt or non-tax exempt. If you are ordering for an item without sales tax, you must send a tax exempt certificate to: before your order is shipped.

SensorStation is a complete all-in-one Motus solution that is compatible with SensorGnome software. It features an integrated Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ with 8 to 32GB of storage, 6 FunCube compatible USB ports, 5 LifeTag receiving channels, and cellular connectivity. It is Open Source Hardware too, meaning anyone can download and modify the design files. You can also design your own sensors too! By locking in your pre-order now, you will reserve your position in line. 

Advantages to CTT's SensorStation:

  • All-in-one, long lasting, industrial grade solution
  • Integrated GPS and Real Time Clock rated for precision accuracy down to  -40C
  • Integrated Cellular to automatically send data
  • Integrated support for dual mode (LifeTag/PowerTag)
  • 6 Built-in USB ports for FunCubes and other accessories
  • Display support with navigation buttons
  • Battery health monitoring
  • Tag agnostic -- Works with a variety of wildlife tags from different vendors
  • No more long, labor intensive list of components to piece together
  • Use with CTT Nodes for further localization of tags within a nearby study site -- up to GPS level accuracy

Estimated Delivery: April 30th-May 15th

What You Get

  • Integrated Raspberry Pi CM3+ Compute Module
  • Tested and Programmed SensorStation Board (see advantages above)
  • 5 LifeTag channels pre-populated

    Optional Accessories and Services

    • Tri-color eInk Display (Outdoor readable)
    • Waterproof case with latches and pre-drilled antenna and power ports
    • Various sensors
    • Argos USB adapter
    • Health Reports Data Plan ($5/Month)
    • Automatic Upload Data Plan ($5/Month Base + Data)

    Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Specifications

    • Raspbian Operating System Pre-Installed
    • Powerful 1.4GHz Quad Core 64-bit ARM Processor for Software Defined Radio
    • 1GB of RAM
    • Options for 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB onboard storage 
      • 8GB ideal for operating system and storing tag data on USB drive
      • 16GB and 32GB allows for on board storage of many thousands of tag detections, tag data copied at press of button to USB drive when station is visited

    SensorStation Specifications

    • USB 2.0 Highspeed Backplane
    • 6 Widely Spaced, High power USB ports (for FunCube, RTL-SDR, etc.)
    • 5 built in LifeTag receiver channels, all CTT Node compatible
    • LifeTag receiver channels feature a smart radio design, allowing for optional technologies such as ULR
    • Navigation Buttons (Optional E-Ink Outdoor Readable Display)
    • World band GSM radio with non-removable, soldered eSIM to prevent data theft
    • GSM radio can be configured to send tag data in real time, batched, or monitor health
    • Integrated multi-GNSS GPS receiver with time pulse (PPS) wired to Raspberry Pi
    • DS3231 extremely accurate real-time clock with battery backup
    • Deep cycle battery and solar panel monitor ports
    • 3 expansion ports for additional I2C sensors
    • USB ports can be used for quick downloads of base station data, WiFi connectivity, and more
    • Optional GlobalStar and Argos connectivity for monitoring station health, data storage levels, and tag statistics
    • SMA bulkheads standard
    • 40 Pin Raspberry Pi interface for eInk displays and other accessories
    • Composite video out 
    • Bright white PCB with tuxedo black silkscreen

    Electrical Specifications

    • 8-24 Volts DC input, quick release terminal
    • One solar voltage sensor (up to 30V)
    • One battery voltage sensor (up to 24V)
    • Power consumption without FunCubes (LifeTag only): 1 Watt (Estimated)
    • Power consumption with FunCubes:  10 Watts (Estimated)

    Note: For tax exempt agencies and entities, please send your tax exemption to with order number.